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The Health Care Genetics plan of study is individualized taking into account a student’s prior academic and work experience as well as career goals.

The plan of study is devised in collaboration with the student’s major advisor and an advisory committee.

Students work with their advisor to select from is a menu of OPTIONS.

The course table below lists only a sampling of the types of classes available and the course menu changes each semester

Course selections are made to ensure students meet Program Learning Outcomes with knowledge and competencies in Health Care Genetics

The curriculum is devised such that the plan of study will include 17-credits from Content, 8- credits of Laboratory and 8-credits of Professional Development for a total 33 credits. Other courses not listed below may count toward the plan of study with advisor and committee approval.

Weekend and modular /”executive format” laboratories and professional development seminars are typically one weekend only (Friday 4 or 5-7:30, Saturday and Sunday 9-5), but may vary depending on credit value.

Table of Exemplar Courses; not all course options listed

Course Course Name Campus
AH 5700 Ethical Considerations in Genetics Research and Testing Storrs
AH 5720 Theory & Practice of Clinical Genomics Online

In Person


ANSC 5621 Frontiers in Animal Embryo Biotechnology Storrs
EPSY 5318 Human Growth and Development over the Lifespan: Implications for Counselors Storrs
GRAD 6001 Fundamentals Teaching and Learning Storrs
ISG 5095 Special Topics Varies
ISG 5730 Professional Skills and Competencies Online
KINS 6094 Inherited Metabolic Disorders Storrs
KINS 5515 Scientific Communication Storrs
MCB 5426 Genetic engineering and functional genomics Storrs
MCB 5445 Genome dynamics and epigenetics Storrs
MCB 5452 Problems in genetics of eukaryotes Storrs
MCB 5454 Molecular aspects of genetics Storrs
MEDS 5309 Molecular Basis of Disease Farmington
MEDS 5369 Advanced Genetics and Molecular Biology Farmington
MEDS 5418 Stem Cells and Regenerative Biology Farmington
NURS 5020 Statistical Methods in Health Science Research online
NUSC 6313 Nutrition and Gene Expression Storrs
PSYC 5120 Health Psychology Storrs
PUBH 5403 Health Administration Storrs
PUBH 5406 Law and Public health Storrs

The required internship /professional capstone project semester will coincide with enrollment in ISG 5496 Lab Rotation, GRAD 5930 Full time directed studies, ISG 5091 Internship or ISG 5099 Independent Study as appropriate per type of study and career goal. 

*Not all classes may be offered every semester and some courses may have pre-requisites or require instructor consent for enrollment.

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