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Agilent Technologies is a pharmaceutical company helping to tackle some of the most challenging medical problems of the modern day. This company provides laboratory equipment to researchers and companies with the aim of solving long-standing medical problems and finding cures and treatments to diseases.

Rainbow Scientific Inc.

Rainbow Scientific Inc. (RSI) distributes state-of-the-art products to molecular cytogenetics, clinical chemistry, pathology and hemostasis research laboratories across North America. Rainbow Scientific, Inc. is now the exclusive North American Distributor for CytoTest, a superior FISH probe manufacturer with a catalog of over 800 premium FISH probes.

Digital Scientific UK

Thanks to Digital Scientific UK for partnering with the Program to provide our students with access to SmartType computerized karyotyping licensing software.

No more scissors and tape!


Captivate Bio offers best-in-class customer service, high-quality products, and reliable custom cell culture media services to scientists working in stem cell research, cell therapy, cytogenetics, cellular agriculture, and to those who are working to save the world against COVID-19 and future diseases. Recently launched products include human platelet lysate, fetal bovine serum, viral transport medium, small molecules and VTM collection kits to support the research and commercial lab communities

We're proud that Captivate Bio has partnered with us to provide professional development mentoring to our students.

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Lori Oakes, Managing Partner                        Tanya Potcova, CEO
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