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A Master’s of Science Degree in Health Care Genetics

Today's challenge is to find qualified individuals who are able to combine laboratory expertise, genomics knowledge, and application of ethical decision making and professional skills; our Health Care Genetics graduates entering the workforce have had 100% job placement.  Thinking about applying for an advanced degree in medicine, genetic counseling, or advanced research? The Health Care Genetics Program allows a customized curriculum to meet your specific educational and career goals.

The UConn Department of Allied Health Sciences under the umbrella of the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources and the Institute for Systems Genomics offers an innovative Professional Science Master’s Degree in Health Care Genetics for individuals wishing to pursue further education or a career in one of the emerging disciplines arising from advances in genomic medicine.

A Professional Science Master's Degree in Health Care Genetics is a science degree "plus" experiential learning in genome-based technologies and diagnostic testing as well as professional development training in communication, regulations, leadership, and ethical implications;  an excellent background for those interested in using genomic information to improve health.