Careers in health care genetics are difficult to describe in one sentence. Many jobs are laboratory based and involve the diagnosis or investigation of disease or genetics.  Laboratory based work may also be toward the development of new individualized treatments. Direct work with patients or the public can come in the form of a job in health education, as a genetic counseling assistant, or as a clinical research coordinator.

Big data analytics are changing the way healthcare providers use genetic technology to gain insight from clinical information, research data, and to make patient care decisions. Career opportunities exist for individuals who understand that there are still challenges in this field including implementation of big data analytics, guaranteeing privacy, establishing standards, improving the technology, translating the information to patients, etc.

Search "genetics" or "genomics" or "health care" and find opportunities in many venues with multiple disciplines.


  • Laboratory researcher
  • Clinical laboratory technologist
  • Genetics educator / health promotion
  • Research scientist for industry
  • Clinical trials; scientist, coordinator, educator
  • Genetics lobbying/ policy advocate
  • Genetic counseling assistant
  • Data analyst/ clinical analyst

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