Application Review Process

The Health Care Genetics Program admissions committee will consider all components of the applicant’s packet including transcripts, letters of recommendation, prior experience, interview communication, and personal statement.

I have a high GPA, am I guaranteed admission?

  • Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Applicants must show promise of superior achievement and must have specific preparation for the course of study they wish to undertake. If their records indicate deficiencies, applicants may be refused admission or required either to take background courses without graduate credit or to demonstrate by examination that they have acquired the requisite knowledge or skills for graduate study. In addition, since each graduate program has a limited number of places, the successful applicant must have a record competitive with those of other applicants in the same field.

Are there specific class pre-requisites to apply to the Health Care Genetics Program?

  • Although there are no specific classes listed, this is a Master’s of Science Degree Program and thus an adequately prepared applicant will have at minimum completed undergraduate courses in biology, chemistry, and genetics. Laboratory classes provide valuable learning experiences and thus the admission committee will be reviewing transcripts for relevant laboratory training. Other relevant science classes include molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology. The Professional aspect of the Professional Science Master’s degree requires strong communication skills and demonstration of positive and productive independent and interpersonal interactions.

Do I need laboratory or healthcare experience to apply to the Health Care Genetics Program?

  • No, however it is expected that at minimum the applicant will have researched the field of health care genetics by either job shadowing, interviewing those working in the field, reviewing relevant professional websites, etc. Observations, training, or research in genetics, whether in a healthcare setting, a diagnostic testing facility or in an academic or private laboratory is a positive factor during applicant review.