Transfer Credits

Have you completed the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Genetics and Genomics or Certificate in Health Professions Education and are now looking to expand your learning or get some hands-on experience in the field? The Health Care Genetics Program will accept credits from the certificate program toward the Master’s degree plan of study. If you completed graduate course work at an accredited institution, University of CT Guidelines state that generally, up to 25% of the credits required for a master’s degree will be accepted. This is equivalent to 8-credits for the Professional Science Master’s Degree Program in Health Care Genetics. A petition may be made for 9-credits. Across all degree programs, the general guidelines are that transfer of credit for course work completed at other institutions includes:

  • approval after the student has demonstrated the ability to do acceptable graduate work at UCONN;
  • credits to be transferred are at level appropriate for a graduate degree and offered by an accredited institution;
  • credits to be transferred must be of at least B (not B-) quality and contribute to the objectives of the proposed program; and
  • transfer credit is not granted for individual courses used for a degree elsewhere (already completed or to be completed).

The Health Care Genetics Program director and student’s advisor will evaluate requests for program transfer requests. The student will submit a request for transfer credit approval when submitting the plan of study.pdf.

The transfer request form for the Graduate School can be found at<