Funding and Assistantships?

Can I get tuition waiver or a teaching assistant position? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

The Masters Degree in Health Care Genetics is a professional degree; as such, students finance their matriculation through personal resources and loans.

Students should have no expectations of support through departmental or university research or teaching assistantships.

A percentage of student tuition dollars are returned to the Health Care Genetics program to fund the program; i.e. student tuition helps pay for faculty, lab supplies, student workshops etc.  

Information about student employment: 

The program director makes the effort to immediately email all Health Care Genetics graduate students with notices of on campus and external job postings. Health Care Genetics graduate students also have access to an online job posting site.

Individuals considering attending the program full-time with work experience and NCA/ASCP certification in cytogenetics or with a bachelor's degree in Diagnostic Genetic Sciences from the University of CT should contact the program director for information.

Many additional sources of funding for graduate education exist through both internal and external opportunities. Opportunities to seek external funding can be found through the Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships. A searchable database of opportunities can be accessed through the website, in addition to resources helpful to graduate students seeking to prepare competitive applications. There may be aid available on demonstrated financial need.