Making Connections Toward Career Success

Benefits of pursuing a Professional Science Master’s Degree in Health Care Genetics at UConn

    • deepening knowledge in a dynamic field of study
    • a curriculum tailored to your prior training and future interests
    • extending a resume list of in-demand work-force skills
    • opening doors to a higher salary position or grad school admittance
    • surpassing the number of required soft-skills of most job listings
    • training for both traditional and emerging genetics careers  and
    • expanding your professional network.

A strength of our approach for student and alumni success is a commitment to making connections based on industry demands and student interests.

    • “getting to know each other” events and activities
    • regular discussions to encourage inward reflection by students in and out of the classroom
    • formulation of individual development plans (IDPs) to identify talents and interests
    • explore career options and requirements for success from alumni and work-force partners
    • educational outreach to facilitate natural development of elevator pitch
    • programmatic dedicated learning platform and job-posting emails

Our educational leadership represent genetic research, testing, counseling, and health careers and together we provide an extensive network of connections, collaborations and affiliations throughout CT and across the country. We recognize the importance of establishing an advisory relationship but also a rapport with students so that we can provide a personalized approach to networking and connectivity.

Check out a few examples of opportunities by reviewing our  alumni page or  meet out students page.

What is YOUR career interest?