What is DGS?

DGS is the abbreviation for Diagnostic Genetic Sciences

  1. DGS is a competitive educational and training program in genetic testing
  2. DGS includes Cytogenetics and Molecular diagnostics
  3. DGS is the evaluation of chromosomes and DNA for the prediction of risk for disease, diagnosis of disease, and/or identification of prognostic biomarkers of survival or therapy
  4. DGS is a UCONN program that prepares highly qualified laboratory professionals for the demands of the expanding genetics and genomics workforce

Educational Tools

We partner with Digital Scientific UK using their SmartType karyotyping system.

Digital Scientific UK

Mission Statement

The mission of the Diagnostic Genetic Sciences Program is to prepare graduates for careers as integral members of laboratory teams by providing them with didactic and clinical experiences leading to the acquisition of knowledge and technical skills suitable for attaining minimum competency as genetics laboratorians, as defined by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), and for the pursuit of research that will result in advancement of the body of knowledge in the genetic sciences.

10 reasons DGS is right for you!

  1. The UCONN DGS Program (est. 1983) is known and highly respected across the country
  2. DGS students have been recipients of many professional research and scholarship awards
  3. DGS faculty provide students with personalized career advisement
  4. DGS lab classes have 16 or fewer students with an average class size of 12
  5. The DGS curriculum includes lots of hands-on experience with opportunities for projects, independent studies, instructional assistantships, and Honors research.
  6. DGS students complete a full-time 6-month internship at an affiliated site
  7. DGS graduates have a high pass rate on the American Society for Clinical Pathology certification exam
  8. Skills of DGS grads are in high demand at jobs in a variety of diagnostic, research, and industry settings. GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION
  9. The genetics job market has remained plentiful, even in rough economic times
  10. This is an exciting time to be in the dynamic field of genetics and genomics.