Program Leadership

Judy Brown, PhD, CG, MB (ASCP)
Director, Health Care Genetics PSM
Email: judy.brown@uconn.edu

Denise Anamani, MA, I (ASCP) MBCM
Director, Diagnostic Genetic Sciences Program
Email: denise.anamani@uconn.edu

Stormy Chamberlain, PhD
Associate Professor, Genetics and Genome Sciences
Associate Director, Graduate Program in
Genetics and Developmental Biology
Email: chamberlain@uchc.edu

Maria Gyure, MS, LCGC
Director, Clinical Genetics and Genomics
Graduate Certificate
Email: maria.gyure@uconn.edu

Sharon Casavant, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Email: sharon.casavant@uconn.edu

Rachel J. O’Neill, PhD
Director, Institute for Systems Genomics
Director, Center for Genome Innovation
Professor, Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology
Email: rachel.oneill@uconn.edu

    Instructional Faculty 

Ken Caputo
President, Questers' Way, Inc.
Email: ken@questersway.com

Stephanie Henderson
COO/Vice President, Questers' Way, Inc.
Email: stephanie@questersway.com

Sharon A. Lavigne, M.S., LGC
Instructor, Division of Medical Genetics
Coordinator, MotherToBaby
Email: lavigne@uchc.edu

Elaine Lee
Elaine Lee, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Department of Kinesiology

Email: elaine.c.lee@uconn.edu

Bo Reese, PhD
Senior Scientist,
Center for Genome Innovation
Email: bo.reese@uconn.edu

Cara Statz
Cara Statz, PhD
Clinical Analyst,
Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
Email: cara.statz@uconn.edu

     Contributing Faculty

Jean-Denis Beaudoin, PhD: Assistant Professor, Genetics and Genome Sciences, UConn Health

Gordon Carmichael, PhD: Professor, Genetics and Genome Sciences, UConn Health

Ken Campellone, PhD: Associate Professor, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, UConn

Kate Castellano, MS: PhD Candidate, Rachel O'Neill Lab, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, UConn

Pam Chudzik: Associate Executive Director, Connecticut Chapter Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Kristen Cooksey Stowers, PhD: Assistant Professor, Department of Allied Health Sciences, UConn

Kaitlin Heenehan: Assistant Director for UConn Honors, Stamford, CT

Alexander Jackson, PhD: Associate Professor, Department of Physiology and Neurobiology, UConn

Mark Kellogg PhD, DABCC, FACB: Director of Quality Programs and Associate Director of Chemistry, Department of Laboratory Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital

Jamie Koriewo, CG (ASCP): Integrated Oncology, Lab Corp, Shelton, CT

Kendra Maas, PhD: Facility Scientist, Microbial Analysis, Resources, and Services, UConn

Ginger Nichols, MS: Mother to Baby, CT

Michael O'Neill, PhD: Associate Professor, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, UConn

Guillermo Rissatti, PhD: Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science, UConn

Jenna E. Schiffelbein, MPH, RD, LD, CHES, SNS: Community Health Educator, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Lebanon, NH.

Yashoda Sharma, PhD: Senior Research Scientist, Weitzman Institute, Middletown CT Community Health Center

Kerry-Ann Stewart, PhD: Assistant Director, Office of Health Career Opportunity Programs

Helen Swede, PhD: Program Director, Ph.D. in Public Health

Amy Taylor:  Vice President of the Community Health Center, Inc.’s Western Region, Weitzman Institute, Middletown, CT and Principle Investigator for Weitzman Institute's All of Us Research Program

Gregory Tsongalis, PhD: Director, Clinical Genomics and Advanced Technology (CGAT), Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine

Dr. William Zempsky and Dr. Emily Wakefield, Department of Pain and Palliative Medicine, CT Children's Medical Center, Hartford