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The Professional Science Masters Degree Curriculum is a Menu of Course Options*

Conceptual Course Options (Minimum 17 credits)
AH 5710 Genetics and Genomics of Health
AH 5715 Current Advances in Clinical Genetics
AH 6324 Critical Issues in Health Promotion, Disease and Disability Prevention
AH 5632 Vaccines: Mechanisms of Immune Protection          AH 5005: Biostatistics for Health Professionals
AH 5366 Environmental Health
AH 5328 Cancer Intervention for Allied Health Professionals
AH 5302 Health Care Policy
AH 5319 Health Education and Behavior Intervention for At Risk Populations
AH 5099 Independent Study for Allied Health
PVS 5201 Microbiology of Atypical Bacteria                KINS 6094: Inherited Metabolic Disorders
PVS 5502 Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests                      COMM 5770: Health Communication
PVS 5503 Molecular Approaches to Disease Diagnosis and Prevention
PVS 5401 Immunobiology
MCB 5217 Biosynthesis of Nucleic Acids & Proteins                 NURS 5020: Statistical Methods in Health
MCB 5240 Virology
MCB 5426 Genetic Engineering and Functional Genomics
MCB 5454 Molecular Aspects of Genetics
MCB 5896 Investigation of Special Topics – Concepts of Genetic Analysis
ANSC 5621 Frontiers in Animal Embryo Biotechnology
MEDS 5309 Molecular Basis of Disease (UCHC)
MEDS 5365 Genetics (UCHC)
MEDS 5369 Advanced Genetics and Molecular Biology (UCHC)
Practical Course Options (Minimum 8 credits)
AH 5720
Theory & Practice of Clinical Genomics
MCB 5427 Laboratory Techniques in Functional Genomics
MCB 5429 Theory and Practice of High Throughput Sequence Analysis
MCB 6897 Research
AH 5314 Professional Development Project
Professional Cohort Courses
AH 5095 Investigation of Special Topics
EEB 5894 Seminar in Science Communication
MCB 5896 Investigation of Special Topics
GRAD 5900 Special Topics in Graduate Education – Communication Skills
GRAD 5910 Responsible Conduct of Research in Academia and Industry
AH 5700 Ethical Considerations in Genetics Research and Testing
GRAD 5930 Directed Studies / Internship
KINS 5515 Scientific Communications

*Not all classes may be offered every semester.

A plan of study is devised in collaboration with a student’s major advisor and an advisory committee.